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March 4th 2011
Where were you Part 2 - a backcountry ski video

Here is another little teaser for Where were u....a backcountry skiing video featuring Guillaume of Coast Mountain Guides. Enjoy!

February 19th 2011
6 feet of snow this week!

Here is a little video one of our friends put together from his week of living in Whistler. There is a small section of ski touring and Guillaume is in it!

February 14th 2011
Lots of new Products in our CMG Gear Shop!

We have added many new productsto our Coast Mountain Guides Gear Shop including messenger bags, baby clothes, hats, beanies and more! Go out our online shop here:

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January 27th 2011
Trying out my new Pure bindings on the Spearhead

Dennis and I had a fantastic day in the Spearhead today. The snow conditions were not that great for skiing, but good for traveling, so we decided to go for a grand tour of the Spearhead Mountains. We skied Cham Chute, Decker glacier to Decker creek, Tour up Trorey Glacier and Ascent Trorey Mountain before circumnavigating Decker Mountain back to 7 th Heaven. It was a fantastic day. Today I was testing my brand new Guide Plum bindings and they are unbeleivable, they give you an increadibale edge to edge stability, and are sooo light. Check out: http://www.fixation-plum.com/ for more info. G.

January 18th 20111
Rocky Sherpas new Trailer

Great Film Work and some awesome skiing too!

All.I.Can. Official Teaser from Sherpas Cinema on Vimeo.

December 28th - Jan. 1st 2011
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from CMG

I had the privilage to guide Ty & Meghan for anamazing 5 day Backcountry ski trip to the now world famous Callaghan Lodge.

We had 200cm of new snow in the four days before we arrived to find a 350cm base at the lodge with clearing skies. We settled at the lodge before me and Ty set off to test the snow and record a few good turns.

Day 2 we woke up to a beautifull sunrise painting all the south facing trees in orange. Clear, cold and calm was our conditions for the entire week. We went to the Solitude Glacier basin and skied easy slopes in the Stadium to introduce Meghen to powder skiing. The food was amazing, thanks to a superb crew at lodge.

Day 3 we skied to the south slopes of Callaghan Mountains East ridge. We warmed up in the sun and skiied great snow all day!

Day 4 was NewYears eve, Meghan took a well deserve rest day and Ty and I decided to head up the east ridge of Callaghan Mountain and ski the South West facing slopes and enjoy late afternoon sun. NEW YEARS EVE we spent eating good food and drinking good wine before sabering a nice bottle of Dom with my very own Prior Skis (Husume) at the beat of midnight.

Day 5 we all took it easy and snowshoed up to Ring Meadows. There was a lot of snow and we where amazed by the size of the new Surface Hoar forming since we arrived. I served a hot mushroom soup and before cooking a very french cheese fondue with all the sides for perfect backcountry lunch.

Thanks to Ty and Meghen for having me and will be sure to remember the week. G. :)

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