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tech tip #16 Tech Tip #16 - Dry Out your collapsable poles after a day of backcountry skiing so that the internals dont corrode up. If not dired out properly, the next day you head out, your poles will freeze up quickly and make adjusting them more difficult.
tech tip #15 Tech Tip #15 - It is a good idea to bring sunglasses with you when you are ski touring. Goggles are essential for when you are skiing down the mountain but fog up and get in the way for the skin up. Stash your goggle is a pocket for the climb up so they are dry and ready to go for the ski down!
Tech Tip #14 - If your skins get iced up it is impossible to get them to stick to your skis. So if this happens we have a great way to clean the ice off your skins so you can keep on movin. It is really quite simple, just drag the icy skin along your ski edge!
tech tip 13 Tech Tip #13 - Guillaume teaches us the best technique for skinning up steeper slopes and also goes over how to raise the heal on Plum, Fritschi freeride, Rossi and splitboard bindings. Enjoy!
tech tip 12 Tech Tip #12 - This week we learn how to best get our skins unstuck from each other. You can use your legs to help tear the skins apart instead of your arms as your legs have much more power!
tech tip 11 Tech Tip #11 - Turn your cell phone off when you are out in the backcountry as cell phones have been known to interfere with your transceiver.
tech tip 10 Tech Tip #10 - This weeks tech tip explains in detail how to do a kick turn to help while skiining up switchbacks. A few keys are to keep your weight back and your poles close to your hips. Plant the inside ski and pat down a new track and then in one smooth motion 'kick' your outside ski around parallel next to the inside.
tecg tip 9 Tech Tip #9 - Put hot water in your wide mouth water bottle in the morning and then add snow throughout the day. This will allow you to bring less water to help save weight.
tech tip 8 Tech Tip #8 - Today we learn how to get up in deep snow. Best way is to make a cross out of your poles and hold them in the middle. Then you press against your poles and use them as a platform to stand up. Works great and can save a lot of much needed energy that can be burnt struggling to get on your feet after a fall in deep POW!
tecg tip #7 Tech Tip #7 - This week we learn how to break uphill trail in deep snow by slicing our downtrail ski out, and then back up to the path. Then our top leg slices in, over our downhill ski and then back out to where we started. This helps to clear the snow off your ski and makes trail breaking much easier.
tech tip #6 Tech Tip #6 - To get better grip on your ski poles for when you're skinning up, put some tape extending from the bottom of your grip about 10 inches down the pole. This will allow for you to grip the pole furthur down to use as your uphill pole instead of stopping to shorten your pole everytime your direction on the slope changes.
tech tip Tech Tip #5 - Pat down a stable platform with your skis when you are ready to put your skins on. This will make it so you dont sink down to your waist in deep snow when you remove your skiis. Dig your tails in the snow, and if you are using G3 skins loop the top around your ski tips. Use your arm as a lever to
tip 4 Tech Tip #4 - It is a good idea, when Skiing in the backcountry to get rid of, or to not use your pole straps. Reason Being, You can seriously injure your arms/shoulders if you get caught in an avalanche or your pole gets stuck in the snow or a tree and you can get rid of your pole.
tip 3 Tech Tip #3 - When Skiing in the backcountry dig your tails in the snow before you begin your run. This will make sure you have the perfect body position to start down the slope. Your entrance into the run can make all the difference on the outcome!
tip 2 Tech Tip #2 - When Removing your skins make sure not to get any snow on them as it causes them to not stick anymore...which can make for a miserable day in the backcountry. Also it is a good idea to put your skins in your jacket to keep them from icing up because icing can also make your skins not stick to your bases.
tip 1 Tech Tip #1 - After a long hike up, I suggest the first thing you do is put your jacket on and zip up. It is amazing how fast you cool down after skinning up and you want to trap that heat as you may be on a ridge with blowing wind for a few minutes while getting ready for the down.

** These tips are for entertainment purposes only and cannot take the place or REAL Avalanche Training AND experience. Please visit our "Courses" page or similiar backcountry skiing operation or school for furthur information on getting the backcountry training necessary to ever go out of bounds in any ski area.



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