We are proud to introduce a course unlike anything else available in the sea to sky corridor! The Backcountry Progression Program is a course designed for the skiers and splitboarders whom are looking to gain mountain skills beyond the scope of the AST1 & AST2. Building upon the skills taught in the AST1 & AST2, the objective of this course is to introduce and practice alpine and mountaineering applications in a skiing and snowboarding environment. The program is taught over six days of field training throughout the winter season!

Difficulty: Moderate to Challenging
Duration: 6 Days
Ratio: 4:1
AST 2 or equivalent field experience, expert skiers and riders.


Day 0: Classroom 6pm – 9pm
Theory and course planning.

Day 1: Avalanche Skills Refresher
Companion rescue, snow profiles and snowpack review.

Day 2: Crevasse Rescue
Glacier travel, Ski anchors, victim raising systems.

Day 3: Movement Skills
Steep skiing technics, cliff drops, ski lines.

Day 4: Mountaineering Skills
Alpine anchors, Belays, self arrest, rappelling, cutting cornices.

Day 5 & 6: Big Mountain Objective
Planning and executing a big mountain couloir or ski descent in the sea to sky! Breakfast and dinner provided. Students to provide own lunch.


Backcountry Safety Gear Supplied (inc. Backpack)
Sleeping Bags & Tents Provided if Needed
Gear Rentals via Excess Backcountry:
Ski Crampons
Ice Axe
Glacier Travel Gear
First Aid Kit

Preliminary Dates

Day 0 – TBA
Day 1 – TBA
Day 2 – December 16th
Day 3 – January 18th
Day 4 – February 10th
Day 5 – April 21st
Day 6 – April 22nd