Crevasse Rescue Courses Whistler

Crevasse Rescue is an essential skill if traveling on glaciated mountains. Reading ice flow is crucial in avoiding high risk areas. The goal of crevasse rescue courses whistler is to help you recognize potential crevasse hazard and travel safely on glaciated terrain. Learning the different type of anchors and rescue system is one of the most important part of this course. This one day course will cover important and essential skills that you and your partners will need to travel safely in the mountains.

Difficulty: Challenging
Duration: 7-8 hrs
Ratio: 1:6
Prerequisites: None


Departure: 815am from whistler village
Location: Blackcomb Mtn

Gear List

1 X Light Harness
2 X Off D carabiners
3 X Locking carabiners
1 X Belay device (BD guide or Petzl Reverso)
2 X 5m Prussik 6mm
2 X 1.5 Prussik 6mm
1 X Double length spectra sling
1 X Single shoulder lenght Sling
1 X Ice Screw
1X 6m ½ “  Webbing (optional)
1 X Pulley
1 Macro Traction (optional)
1 X Ice Hook (optional)
Winter 30-40m Glacier Rope (one per two students)
Summer 60m Climbimg rope (one per two or three students)
2 x Ski straps (winter only)
Backcountry ski and Splitboard gear (winter only)

Climbing and rescue Gear Provided

*You will need to bring lunch, water and have a ski lift pass for the day

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