Avalanche Online Course – Level 2 (Mountain Weather Forecasting)

Continuing your personal development or getting educated for the first time is why these courses were designed.  A combination of the Avalanche Canada AST1 and AST2 classroom curriculum for students that have a keen interest in learning Avalanche Safety Skills and are looking to refresh their knowledge or learn the latest updates in the world of avalanche science. 

Course Description: Pre-Recorded Lecture following Avalanche Canada curriculum + Additional content from professional experience

Learning Outcome: Helping you develop a better understanding of winter weather and forecasting using all the tools available today.

  • Highs and Lows
  • Effects of orographic lift
  • The funnel
  • Implication for avalanche formation
  • Web links

Duration: 90minutes

Prerequisite: Anyone keen to learn

About the instructors: Guillaume and JF have over 20 years of experience in guiding and teaching. Their wealth of knowledge is deep and spread as far as the mountains. They surround them shelves with local professional guides and instructors with similar philosophy and mind set. We are here to inspire, entertain and educate.