Photos for a Lifetime, not just your Timeline.

We’re stoked to partner with local professional photographer, Craig Barker to capture your backcountry adventure so you don’t have to! Save time and energy while receiving 30-60 professional photos documenting your epic day out!

How does it work?

We know you want to focus on enjoying your day out in the backcountry, not dilly dallying around with photos. Craig, our professional photographer, is fantastic at capturing personal moments from a distance, as well as beautifully composed action shots. We also provide fun portraits and group shots…no selfie stick needed!

You’ll receive your photos via a Dropbox link no later than a week after your adventure. We professionally process all the usable shots, usually between 30-60 depending on group size and length of adventure!

We capture your whole experience; from meet up in the morning until we part ways in the afternoon. We use a delightful mix of candid (80%) and posed (20%) to provide you with a set of photos that’s uniquely you!

It’s easy to add photography, simply select the tick box option when choosing your adventure!

*Please note the images shown on this page are web quality only.

About the Photographer

Craig is a Whistler local and professional photographer who thrives on the challenge of the backcountry. Starting in the event photography world, Craig learnt to adapt to changing light situations quickly while making people feel at ease in front of camera. Having moved on to working with commercial clients, Craig produces with purpose, which in this case is a set of photos you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

What About My Phone?

Smartphones are great for day to day use but not ideal for the backcountry; they get cold and the battery suffers, worse, your hands get cold, you break flow and they simply can’t capture the dynamic range of light required for epic photos in difficult conditions.