Mountaineering 4 Day Course

The mountains have a thousand lessons for the ones willing to listen. We’ve endeavored to communicate a lifetime of learning and confidence into this action packed 4 day course! We introduce you to the world of alpine climbing and open the door for you to explore the mountains safely on your own!

Learning Outcome: Improved alpine climbing skills, developing better practices and acquiring important decision making tools. We teach you a long list of mountaineering fundamentals, including mountain hazard assessment, weather forecasting, trip planning, self arrest, glacier travel, crevasse rescue, alpine anchors, ice axe, crampon technique, how to properly place pitons, and much more!

Location: Squamish
Duration: 4 Days @ 8 hours per day + 90min. online lecture
Distance: Up to 1hr approach
Terrain: Maintained trails, open alpine, snow and glacial ice
Difficulty: Moderate to challenging
Ratio: 4 to 1
Prerequisites: Good fitness levels, Rock Climbing Course Level 1
Start: 8.00am
Finish: 4.00pm
Day 0)
90min. online “Zoom” lecture (mountain formations, glaciology and route planning) @ 7pm night before each courses)
Day 1) Route planning, Intro to gear, knots and alpine climbing systems (Squamish Smoke Bluffs)
Day 2) Snow and ice school (Blackcomb Alpine) 4×4 truck access provided
Day 3) Crevasse rescue (Blackcomb Alpine) 4X4 truck access provided
Day 4) Glacier and mountain travel (Blackcomb Alpine) 4X4 truck access provided

The course is run over 4 straight days or two weekends in a row
Dates for Summer 2022:

  • June 4th – 5th and June 11th – 12th (2weekends)
  • June 7th – 10th (4 straight days)
  • June 18th – 19th and June 25th – 26th (2 weekenks)
  • June 20th – 23rd (4 straight days)
  • July 15th – 18th (4 straight days)
  • July 23rd – 24th and July 30th – 31st (2 weekends)
  • July 30th –  August 4th (4 straight days)
  • August 6th – 7th  August 13th – 14th (2 weekends)
  • August 20th – 21st and August 27th – 28th (2 weekends)
  • August 30th – September 2nd (4 staight days)
  • September 3rd – 4th and September 10th – 11th (2 weekends)
  • September 9th – 12th (4 straight days)
  • September 17th – 18th and September 24th – 25th (2 weekends)


Personal equipment including mountaineering boots required
We provide climbing and rescue gear, including ice axe and crampons if needed

I can attest to the extensive local knowledge, the very high technical level of instruction, the constant attention to safety and the never-ending energy and enthusiasm. The boys learned some real backcountry skills while having a lot of fun in a very positive environment.

Alex Marangoni / Guelph, ON