Arthur de Cordova

The backcountry can throw a lot of things at you, and you want a guide that brings experience with humour when dealing with the unknown. Guillaume can navigate you safely through a white out, rattle off 10 different types of snowflakes, and sabre a champagne bottle with his ski…all the important things in life! Guillaume has been my guide for 10 years of memorable day trips and multi-day winter camping expeditions in BC.

Nigel Bridemore

These guys are the best! They teach us so much and they encourage us to push our boundaries. No matter what season…we ski backcountry with them, we sport climb with them, we explore the Tantalus with them and we ice-climb with them! And above all else with have fun with them. Their resourcefulness is boundless – they produced a birthday cake on a rock climb and a BBQ in the Tantalus. There is no better outfit in Whistler and the Coast Mountains.

Alex Marangoni, Guelph, ON

My two boys were trained in backcountry skills by Guillaume Otis and Coast Mountain Guides. I can attest to the extensive local knowledge, the very high technical level of instruction, the constant attention to safety and the never-ending energy and enthusiasm. The boys learned some real backcountry skills while having a lot of fun in a very positive environment. As outdoor enthusiasts and having hiked up and down most of the amazing hikes/climbs in the Pemberton-Squamish area, dad (me) and the two boys decided to step it up during the summer of 2017, with the help of CMG. After warming up on  the Cook-Weart traverse, we ended up climbing the beautiful snows of Wedgemount, Mt. Matier, and the Tantalus Range (Dione, Serratus and Alpha). Guillaume constantly trained us in glacier travel, snow climbing techniques, safety, gear and decision making. Never did we feel we were climbing unsafely; he is very methodical and has a knack for matching your ability with the appropriate adventure. I am still smiling thinking back to all the amazing views, friendship and fun. On a separate note, meals prepared by Guillaume and CMGs are just next level. From fresh veggies to wine, I have never been so full of amazing food. You can count on me as a repeat customer for many years to come.

James Papadimitriou, Montreal, QC

For close to a decade I have worked with Guillaume to organize a client ski day during a large real estate conference held every year in Whistler. What started as a few people is now a full on event and a highlight of the industry calendar bringing together over sixty colleagues. Guillaume‘s attention to detail, safety first approach and passion for providing the best service possible, regardless of conditions, has made our client ski day something that everyone looks forward to!

Ally Gandy, Vancouver, BC

I’ve taken a few courses with G and have kept coming back because of his knowledge and flexibility. He customized my climbing course to help me work on the weaker parts of my trad climbing. He taught our AST1 course at a backcountry hut. He even customized our AST2 course with extra field days and evening classroom days to maximize time in the mountains. G’s infectious enthusiasm, thoroughness and knowledge made the whole experience. I highly recommend G for any course or adventure you’re planning! 

Averil and Joe Wiley

We have worked with Guillaume and his team for more than 10 years. Over that time Coast Mountain Guides has introduced us to some of the best back country ski terrain in the world … right in Whistler’s backyard! Guillaume knows where to go no matter the conditions and always strikes the right balance between keeping us happy in fresh snow and keeping us safe. When we aren’t skiing with Guillaume you can find him taking us and our friends for a snow shoe into some beautifully remote area of the valley or enjoying a day on the mountain bikes. Any day with Coast Mountain Guides is a good day!

Toby Mason, San Francisco, CA

Guillaume and JF are both amazing. I have had my best days in the mountains with them and they always deliver a fantastic day. Guillaume once guided me through a complete whiteout to ski 3 major couloirs in one day. I couldn’t even see my hand in front of me let alone the cliffs and crevasses. I feel 100% safe putting mine and my family’s life in their hands. The are highly skilled and highly talented and know the mountain better than the back of their hands. It is also a pleasure spending the day with them. Lots of fun and lots of excitement!

I´ve purchased mountaneering course with Guillaume and I really enjoyed it eventhough the weather conditions wasn´t the best. I higly recomend this company, because I´ve learned a lot - both theoretical and practical skills. The course was higly informative, 100% professionally organized and at the same time like going to the mountains with good friends. I'll be back for other courses. Thank you!

Tom Pruzkumak October 3, 2019

We did the Crevasse Rescue course with Guillaume this past Sunday. Was an absolute blast. He is very personable, has a great wealth of knowledge, and made the course extremely educational, but also really fun. His knowledge of the local area is great, and really helped to begin to create trips and adventures utilizing the tools we learned. Great day in the mountains, great people, HIGHLY recommended.

Ryan McKee July 6, 2020

CMG is the best! Guillaume and J.F. blend top-notch technical skills, local knowledge, education, group management, risk analysis, safety awareness, and a ton of fun into every outing.

Paul Maurer June 15, 2019

Great online course intro to AST1, 2 highly recommend

Guillaume went with me and four friends of mine to do some Canyoneering. It was an unbelievable trip. Thank you so much!

Felix Ertel August 9, 2019

My first trip with CMG was the spearhead in a day. Super fun day. Thanks Guilllaume.

Graham Ross June 17, 2019

I was brought into the CMG family last year and am now a repeat client. I would highly recommend this guiding outfit to anyone and everyone looking to go farther, higher and be safer in the mountains. I've taken a 3-day AST course, a 4-day mountaineering course and have hired CMG for back-country skiing day trips. The knowledge these guides have is unprecedented. 10/10

Cameron McPhaden June 14, 2019

Just participated in the Introduction to Mountaineering course, and it was a truly amazing program! Guillaume has over 20 years of experience and it shows. He provided valuable and concise information that was specifically tailored to the types of excursions that we hope to execute in the future. It was entertaining, fun, and extremely hands-on. I would highly recommend this course to anyone that's looking to take their exploring to the next level. It's a must-have experience for any adventurer, and worth every penny.

Jordan Adams June 22, 2020

We had the most amazing course with JF (aka the raddest and most incredible guide you’ll ever come across)!! JF went above and beyond teaching us even more than the AST1 course materials. He’s an absolute beauty and such a wealth of knowledge/experience you will be in the best hands. We had the best times, many laughs and heaps of learning!

Hannah Taft January 9, 2020

This past weekend I took part in Coast Mountain Guide's Intro to Mountaineering. It was easily one of the most enjoyable and engaging outdoors courses I've ever had the pleasure of participating in. Guillaume is an excellent instructor. He breaks everything down so that you can understand the techniques and methodology behind Mountaineering. He was incredibly helpful and welcomed our continuous questions. We felt safe at all times with him and he encouraged us as we learned the aspects of the course. He has the perfect personality for instructing - he is professional when needed and goofy at other times. His demeanor put me completely at ease. I would highly recommend Coast Mountain Guides and Guillaume for any guided outdoors course and I'm really looking forward to putting what I've learned to use in the mountains. Thank you!

Courtney Tennant June 22, 2020

Coast & JF took us for a day we will never forget in Pemberton! Highly qualified guides, fun and know how to create a day for any level of skiers!

Dylan Bliss March 2, 2021

I’ve taken a few courses with G and have kept coming back because of his knowledge and flexibility. He taught our AST1 course at a backcountry hut. He even customized our AST2 course with extra field days and evening classroom days to maximize time in the mountains.

Ally Gandy, Vancouver, BC
Ally Gandy, Vancouver, BC August 26, 2021

My husband and I first walked on a glacier with Coast Mountain Guides about 15 years ago. Since then, we’ve had numerous outings customized to our fitness level and interests. There is no other company I would consider using as a guide to explore Whistler or the surrounding areas. Professional, pleasant service and a wealth of knowledge—plus they are just fun to hang out with!

LeeAnn Horner June 16, 2019

Coast Mountain Guides has consistently provided top notch education and adventures in ski touring and mountaineering. Learning from the best local guides has given me the skills to take on new objectives in the backcountry with confidence. I'd recommend Coast Mountain Guides to anyone looking to get the basic foundations or to further their skills for big objectives.

Jeff Waters June 16, 2019

I had several epic ice climbing days with Guillaume and I cannot recommend these guys enough. They’ll take you out into their backyard, show you around, teach you, help you, make sure you leave with new skills and a smile on your face. Guillaume is a highly experienced professional with unceasing positive energy. Great course and super fun guaranteed…highly recommend. I had a fantastic time, thanks guys.

Generously sharing knowledge & experience! Thanks so much Guillaume!

had the AST level 2 with them and enjoy the 4 days training very much. Instructor JF told us lots useful techniques for touring and highly recommended.

winnie guan December 26, 2021

Took my AST1 course with Coast Mountain (Guillaume) up at Journeyman in 2014. Loved his style so much that we have hired him as a guide at least 3-4 times since then. Guillaume is always willing to share his knowledge of the mountains so that we are not just being guided but are also learning to be more skilled ourselves. As the weakest skier in my group, I also appreciate that Guillaume is very good at customizing a guided experience to ensure everyone gets challenged but no one goes too far outside of their comfort zone. Great storyteller and sense of humour as well. His fellow guide (JF Plouffe) is also a lot of fun to ski with, and great with kids.

This crew knows exactly how to run a guiding business. It is all about the customer experience and this team of guides delivers on every level. I have climbed with some of the largest guiding companies on the planet, but few can put it all together and deliver like C.M.G. Guillaume and his guides will take you out into the their "backyard" and show you around, teach you, help you, and make sure you leave with new skills and smile on your face. They all love what they do and that energy just feeds the whole group. I cannot recommend these guys enough. Go for it, you will not be disappointed.

Clayton Matthews March 3, 2020

I was with Guillaume for my AST 2 and he was great! There was not a lot of snow, but he knows his mountain and we found some great areas to ski some fresh powder and test the snow. He is extremely knowledgeable and know how to share all that knowledge effectively. It was an amazing experience and I learned even more than I thought I would!

Camille Frenette January 6, 2020

Amazing experience with Coast Mountain Guides and guide JF Plouffe!! I was an Olympic freestyle skier and everyone in our group were very good skiers, with our AST-1, BUT we are all somewhat new to the Backcountry. We loved how the guide was giving us the right level of information and education along the way. Just for that it was worth the price. On a cold blue sky day without new snow for well over a week, JF was able to find us some great sections!! We felt safe, well informed and perfectly guided to the level of our ability, both up and down. Merci!!

Dominick Gauthier January 24, 2021

Amazing guides and teachers, always find the stash! I am a repeat customer or as Guillaume says a frequent flyer. Highly recommended!

Stephen Darley June 14, 2019

We had a fantastic time doing our AST 2 course with JF. He is a knowledgeable guide and funny too! If you're looking for a backcountry course, or a guided tour, I highly recommend JF. Good times guaranteed! Bonus because the snow was great!

Matt G January 21, 2020

Had an epic day with Guillaume on Blackcomb Glacier last Winter. Amazing lines, very knowledgeable about Backcountry Skiing and Avalanche Safety, and just an awesome guy to hang out with! Highly recommend!

Paul Tran June 14, 2019

Coast Mountain Guides is my "go-to" guiding company in North America and the reason I return to Whistler as often as I can despite living in Australia. Guillaume is an exceptional guide with an extensive knowledge of the area, an ability to find the perfect day whatever the weather, a detailed eye on safety and an infectious enthusiasm through which he shares his love of the mountains and his great expertise. I cannot recommend CMG enough!!

Rod Hill June 16, 2019

Coast Mountain Guides puts together a professional, fun and challenging program each time that I've hired them. They made our weekend in the back-country one for the memory books by navigating challenging terrain and finding the optimum runs considering the snow conditions and changing temperature and weather through the day. I have JF and G on speed dial, so should you.

Mikhail Clarkson February 24, 2020

Our guide, JF, was super knowledgeable, took the necessary precautions, and had a real skill for finding beautiful lines.

Jennifer Heil March 6, 2021

Guillaume and JF- I've had a great time skiing with over the years. G was the first guide I ever skied with actually. Just to get some steeper snow climbing experience, we booted up disease ridge at sunset, skied down in the last light to the lights of whistler. Since then skied with guides around north america and chamonix. The coast mountains offer so some much to explore, and G's endless positive vibes, in depth knowledge of the area (he is even is referenced in the bible of "exploring the coast mountains on skis"), his technical skills, and approach to safe travel in the mountains make him someone always great to explore the mountains with. I am looking forward to exploring more of coast mountains with G and JF. Both good guys, family men, and JF is not just all mountains, he has a children's book out now, be sure check out "little spring."

Kevin Dougherty December 5, 2019

I have taken several courses with Coast Mountain Guides and they have all been epic! They do an amazing job of teaching through hands on experience and put in the extra effort to make the courses enjoyable and memorable. I hope to hire them for some guided trips in the near future to create more memories exploring the coast mountains!

Elliot Catton September 15, 2020

Guillaume is fantastic! The 3-hour marathon online avalanche course was well worth the time. Highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking about getting into the backcountry or who just wants to learn something new.

Carla Pellegrini April 14, 2020

We had an amazing weekend in the coast mountains with Guillaume on an intro to Mountaineering course. The heavy rains were an afterthought as he effortlessly made our time in the field educational, memorable and super fun. He is an absolute wealth of knowledge as well as experience and really does a fantastic job breaking down the material for everyone involved. I would highly recommend Coast Mountain Guides to anyone (all experience levels) looking to get out into the Mountains, whether it be to build new skills, push themselves to new heights or to breathe it all in!

Jeff Grant June 22, 2020

Had an awesome day touring Spearhead, Circle Lake and Showcase glacier with JF. Super nice guy and I instantly trusted that he knew 100% what he was doing. Left me to just relax and enjoy the powder. Such a great experience.

ryan glancy April 2, 2021

If you want to have a great experience, Coast Mountain Guides are the ones to do it. Guillaume is amazing. He goes out of his way to give whatever the client is looking for. In my case it is amazing skiing, challenging mountaineering and a friend to hang out with. He is a machine that can go anywhere and do anything. Most importantly he is the most considerate, safe guide. I spend days alone with him doing technical ski descents and mountaineering and I take my family out with him on fun mountain experiences. Having 2 kids of his own, he is perfectly placed to know what gets kids excited about the mountains and he always knows how hard he can push people ensuring they still have a great time. Guillaume started out as a guide for me and now I consider him a good friend. If you are in Whistler and you want to do anything outside the resort then get in touch with Coast Mountain Guides. You won't be disappointed.

Toby Mason June 14, 2019

If you're looking for the leading backcountry training and guiding services in the Sea To Sky then your search has ended here. You're in the right place. Guillaume and the team are highly experienced professionals with a wealth of experience in the Whistler backcountry. They know how to be safe and where to get the goods. Could not recommend more highly.

Josh Gray December 11, 2019

Professional, experienced, well organized. On top of that, will make your trip a positive experience no matter what unexpected conditions mother nature throws at you. Highly recommended.

Jan Balcar February 4, 2020

I did the Heli Base Camp Touring trip this winter (Winter 2019/20) and it surpassed all my expectations! JF was our guide and he made this experience amazing. From the terrain we rode to the camping set-up to the food he prepared for us, this is truly a dream come true! Thank you Coast Mountain Guides for the epic adventure of a lifetime.

Damien Etchaubard April 13, 2020

I can attest to the extensive local knowledge, the very high technical level of instruction, the constant attention to safety and the never-ending energy and enthusiasm. The boys learned some real backcountry skills while having a lot of fun in a very positive environment.

Alex Marangoni, Guelph, ON
Alex Marangoni, Guelph, ON May 6, 2021